May 2019

'What a lovely surprise to discover my new window box!!! We are delighted with it and look forward to watching it grow and the new flowers emerge'

April 2019

'The Flowerpot Ladies make me deliriously happy. Its no secret because they can make anyone happy with their incredible talent to create the most glorious window boxes imaginable.

Twice a year they come and cast their magic and bingo you have a stunning display of any colour combination you want because they go to such lengths to fulfil the brief. Mine are always a challenge and they still surprise me every time with utter magical wondrousness'


March 2019

'Thanks for doing a beautiful job (as always)'

'Every morning I come out of my door and my pot smiles at me. Love it!!'

'Both pots are wonderful. Thanks so much'

February 2019

'They MUST go on Instagram! Thank you - another terrific job.'


January 2019

'The window boxes are lovely, thank you. And I love the scent of the new plants.


December 2018

'Thank you for the lovely wreath and window box. They make us very happy!'

'You are amazing! Really gorgeous wreath.'

'Window boxes look excellent. Thanks.'

'Thank you so much for the most beautiful window boxes and stunning wreath! Such a lovely surprise when I went out this morning.....to find they were already there.'

'Thank you so much again for the gorgeous wreath.'

'Thank you so much for the window boxes. They look really beautiful. We love them. They look stunning.'